DGMD E-28 Single-Page Applications & Interfaces with Vue.js




It is expected that you come into this course with a solid grasp of modern HTML/CSS and basic web site publishing skills. We will build on this foundation of HTML/CSS, to create interactive web applications using the JavaScript framework Vue.js.

Because Vue.js is built with JavaScript, it’s also expected that you are prepared to work with JavaScript.

If you're an experienced programmer, but you have not yet worked with the JavaScript language, it is still possible to take this course, but you should do some preparation ahead of time to make sure you are familiar with the JavaScript syntax. This can be done by going through the MDN Guide to Javascript.

This course is not an introductory course to coding, and prior experience with the following fundamental programming concepts is expected:

If you are new to coding, I suggest starting out in my other course, DGMD E-2 Web Programming for Beginners.