CSCI E-15 Web Server Frameworks with Laravel/PHP

Outside Readings

The following is an index of the outside readings relevant to each week of the semester.

Week 7

HTTP Requests

HTTP Responses


Note that there are more topics covered in the docs under Requests, Responses, and Validation which I did not link to above, as they are not specific to the material we’re focussing on. That being said, you should skim through those other topics just to be aware of what other features/options exist.

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

To begin to familiarize yourself with the Laravel documentation read through the following introduction pages:

Week 3

To help reinforce the topics covered this week, read/skim through the following PHP documentation pages:

If you need a refresher on HTML forms, read MDN Web forms - Working with user data

Week 2

There are no outside readings this week.

Week 1