This course is currently between semesters— the information on this website is presented for informational purposes only; material is subject to revisions before the course begins.
DGMD E-28 Single-Page Applications & Interfaces with Vue.js

Independent Study (Graduate Credit Requirement)


For this assignment, you will research a topic of your own choosing and write a set of notes relevant to that topic. The notes will be similar to the style of course notes I share with you.


  1. Learn more about a topic of interest
  2. Practice technical documentation/communication
  3. Share supplemental information with classmates

Topic choices

The topic you choose to explore should be somehow tangentially related to this course.

For example, you may wish to explore a competing technology/language, a related tool, or just take a deeper dive on a topic we don’t have time to get too far into.

Topic brainstorm:


Checking your HTML code using the W3C Validator

Outside sources

To write your notes you will reference and cite outside sources and documentation.

However, you should not just regurgitate an existing tutorial/blog post that you find online. Instead, you should distill the information from multiple sources, explaining the topic in your own words.