DGMD E-2 Web Programming for Beginners with PHP

Work & Grading


In this course you will complete weekly assignments and 3 projects.

Weekly assignments

In this course you will complete a weekly assignment designed to guide you through the course material and project development via a combination of open-ended prompts and comprehension checks.

Read more about the weekly assignments here...


Over the course of the semester you will complete 3 projects, demonstrating that you can apply the skills we’re learning to your own ideas. Project specifications and details will be covered in lecture.

Projects will be submitted as part of the corresponding weekly assignment - see the schedule for due dates.

Graduate credit

Students taking this course for graduate credit will be required to complete an additional assignment which will be a peer review of Project 2; details to be announced in lecture.

Grading weights

Most weekly assignments are worth 5% of your total grade.

The exception are the 3 weeks of the semester when you’ll be completing a project. These weekly assignments have a higher weight to accommodate these milestones.

View the schedule and note the percentage value next to each week.

Grading policies

This course’s grading schema is designed according to the Harvard Extension School Letter Grade Criteria and uses the following point scale:

Harvard Extension School Letter Grade Scale

Out of fairness to all students, grades...

Please keep these points in mind when emailing with grade related questions.