This course is currently between semesters— the information on this website is presented for informational purposes only; material is subject to revisions before the course begins.
DGMD E-2 Web Programming for Beginners with PHP


This course assumes that students have a basic grasp of HTML and building a simple web page.

If you have no prior experience with HTML, you can still take this course, but you’ll want to do some prep work before the semester starts to get up to speed.

To do this, you can go through these notes: HTML Primer.

You can also check out these outside resources:

Other than HTML, this course is designed for students who are new to coding, so no prior programming experience is needed.

FAQ: I have a lot of coding experience - will this course be too rudimentary for me?

It’s possible that you may find a few of the weeks where we focus on fundamental programming concepts to be a little slow. You may also already have experience with things like Command Line and Git Version Control, so that material won’t have as much value for you.

But if your coding experience consists of mostly non-web specific programming, there’s a lot to be learned in this course.

To help you decide, here’s a brief summary of topics covered in this course:

Looking at this list, if you find you feel comfortable with >= 60% of the topics, you may be interested in skipping this course and going straight to its follow-up, CSCI E-15 Web Server Frameworks with Laravel/PHP.