CSCI E-15 Web Server Frameworks with Laravel/PHP

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Project 3 Open-ended application (with database)

Submitted as part of your Week 14 assignment (Due Thu May 13 11:59pm)


The final project in this course brings together the skills we’ve learned throughout the semester to create a web application that uses Laravel and interacts with a database. The concept for this project is open-ended.



No Bookmark clones

When coming up with your project idea, think outside the box of a “catalog” application like Bookmark— that is, an application that simply manages records of data (be it books, movies, games, etc.)

A catalog-style application is not completely off limits. In fact, some of the examples given above are catalog-style applications (BoardHoarder is cataloging board games, Chirper is cataloging messages, etc).

However, while these applications bear similarities to the general idea of Bookmark, they do implement unique features not demonstrated in Bookmark, or tackle similar features in a unique way.

Projects that are a copy/paste/swap version of Bookmark will face a large deduction, and if the similarities are striking enough, they may not earn credit.

Ambitious ideas

If you have an idea for an application you’ve been wanting to create, but it feels broader than the scope (and timeline) of this project, think about tackling a smaller portion of the application as a prototype/proof-of-concept.



This project will be submitted/due with your Week 14 assignment (due Thu May 13 11:59pm). In that assignment I will have prompts asking you for your relevant project URLs (Github, production URL, etc.).

Because it’s the end of the semester, late work is not accepted for this final deliverable.

All final commits should be made before you submit your Week 14 assignment. Small commits made after the assignment deadline (e.g. a small bug fix, a typo correction, etc.) will be considered when grading, but any notable commits will not.


Getting help

You are allowed to post questions about this project/your code in the forum. You are also allowed to utilize the PHP documentation, Google, StackOverflow, etc. to assist with project development/troubleshooting.

Be sure to read Policies: Original work and academic integrity to make sure you are responsibly using outside resources and getting the most out of this project.