CSCI E-15 Web Server Frameworks with Laravel/PHP

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Project 1 Workflow setup + PHP foundation

Submitted as part of your Week 3 assignment (Due Thu Feb 18 11:59pm)


For this first project you will create a basic string-processing application.


The goal of this project is to:

Note: Consider this first project a “warm-up” for the semester. For Projects 2 and 3 you’ll have the opportunity to build an application with greater utility/creativity.

String processors

1. (Required) Is palindrome?

Indicates whether the input string is a palindrome (same forwards and backwards). Case insensitive. Non-alphabetic characters are ignored.

Example strings and results:

"racecar" => Yes
"Racecar" => Yes
"racecar!" => Yes
"!racecar!" => Yes
"Hello World" => No

2. (Required) Vowel count

Indicates a count of how many vowels (aeiou) are in the input string. Case insensitive.

Example strings and results:

"the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" => 11
"Hll Wrld" => 0
"AeIoU" => 5

3. (Optional) Letter shift

Processes an input string such that each letter is shifted +1 position in the alphabet.

So a becomes b, b becomes c, [...], z becomes a.

Capitalization should be retained so A becomes B, B becomes C, [...], Z becomes A.

Any non-alphabetic characters should be left as is.

Example strings and results:

"The zoo is open" => "Uif app jt pqfo"
"foobar@1" => "gppcbs@1"
"aAb" => "bBc"

4. (Optional) Create your own...

Design one additional processor that is similar in concept to the above tasks in that it provides some calculation and/or takes some input and produces some altered result.



This project will be submitted/due with your Week 3 assignment (due Thu Feb 18 11:59pm). In that assignment I will have prompts asking you for your relevant project URLs (Github, production URL, etc.).

All final commits should be made before you submit your Week 3 assignment. Small commits made after the assignment deadline (e.g. a small bug fix, a typo correction, etc.) will be considered when grading, but any notable commits will not.


Getting help

You are allowed to post questions about this project/your code in the forum. You are also allowed to utilize the PHP documentation, Google, StackOverflow, etc. to assist with project development/troubleshooting.

Be sure to read Policies: Original work and academic integrity to make sure you are responsibly using outside resources and getting the most out of this project.